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The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) envisions a Nigeria where the flame of democracy burns brightly, transcending ethnic and religious boundaries. Our vision is to be a relentless force for positive change, advocating for a society where democratic ideals are not just promises but lived experiences. Through our enduring commitment, we strive to advance the principles of democracy and freedom, creating a legacy that resonates with the aspirations of a nation and its people.


Empowered by the principles of democracy, the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) is dedicated to championing the cause of good governance, upholding the rule of law, and fostering the promotion of credible, fair, and transparent elections in Nigeria. Our mission is rooted in resisting oppressive regimes and ensuring the fulfillment of democratic promises.

Remarks of Lloyd Ukwu, Executive Director, W. Bruce DelValle, Esq., General Counsel The National Press Club, Washington, D.C. NADECO 2023 Nigerian Election Crisis

THE WASHINGTON DECLARATION, an October 1, declaration by NADECO and the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria on how to move Nigeria away from the imminent catastrophe delivered in Washington DC USA by Lloyd UKWU, Executive Director of NADECO USA.

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Inaugural Speech Delivered by Prof Anthony Ejiofor, Chairman of World Igbo Congress Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee charged with the planning of the forthcoming International Conference on Nigeria holding on March 4-6, 2022 in Washington DC.



The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), Nigeria’s premier pro-democracy group based in Washington D.C. Established in 1994, NADECO was founded by a coalition of prominent politicians and pro-democracy campaigners from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.


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